An interview with Patrick Donahue – Euro-player with the Green Bay Packers In February,Javon Hargrave Jersey Anthony Dable, a French receiver playing in the German Football League (GFL) was signed by the New York Giants.Tyler Boyd Jersey During the 2016 NFL Draft, history was recorded – another player from the German Football League,Larry Fitzgerald Jersey Moritz B?hringer from the Schw?Von Miller Jerseybisch Hall Unicorns, became the first ever international player to land from a European team straight into the NFL,Dallas Cowboys Jerseys as he was drafted in the 6th round by the Minnesota Vikings. Shortly after,New York Giants Jerseys another pleasant surprise for American football players and supporters in Europe: Patrick C. Donahue,SGreen Bay Packers Jerseys receiver for the same team as Moritz, was invited to rookie mini-camp by the Green Bay Packers.Carolina Panthers Jerseys Donahue has made a name for himself in the GFL during the past few years where he has played for several teams as running back, receiver,New England Patriots Jersey defensive back and safety or where he has sometimes assumed the role of a coach for his European teammates. Before starting his career in the Old World,Seahawks Store Patrick played college football and has managed to maximize his European experience as. After a great season with the Schw?bisch Hall Unicorns, he managed to catch the eye of NFL scouts. Being able to play both slot and outside receiver and comparing himself with Percy Harvin in terms of game-style and speed, Donahue could well become an offensive weapon for the Packers and also a great returner. Below you can read the interview that Patrick has so graciously agreed to give before entering rookie mini-camp with the Green Bay Packers